Navigating Brand Innovation with Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is more than just the latest gadget — it’s a gateway to unparalleled immersive experiences. Yesterday, the crew from Gen City Labs delved into its potential to transform brand relationships with consumers, and here’s what you need to know if you missed it.

“With the Apple Vision Pro, we’re not just looking at another piece of technology; we’re witnessing the future of how consumers interact with the world around them.” — Mike Schaiman, CEO, Gen City Labs

In case you’ve been living under a rock: The Apple Vision Pro is the latest innovative technology, revolutionizing the AR/VR headset market under a newly coined term “Spatial Computing.” The Vision Pro has an ultra-high-resolution display system with 23 million pixels across two micro-OLED displays, which is more than a 4K TV for each eye. It also features passthrough video of a wearer’s eyes, which Apple calls “EyeSight.” Retailing at $3,500 it is still in its infancy, defining its place within a consumer’s tech stack as it mirrors the capabilities of laptops, phones, and more. As of this publication, approximately 200,000 headsets are in consumers’ hands- a drop in the bucket compared to the 17 year-old iPhone with 1.46 BILLION active phones.

Key Insights:

  • The Evolution of User Experience: The Vision Pro marks a significant leap forward in user experience with its eye-tracking navigation, setting it apart from previous VR/AR headsets. “The eye-tracking feature of the Apple Vision Pro is game-changing. It’s not just about where you are but where you’re looking, bringing a new dimension to user engagement,” commented Michael Sanders, GCL’s Head of Development.
  • Brand Engagement at Home: We’re considering it a new channel for consumer engagement, with brands developing narratives, games, and retail experiences that deliver immersive and interactive experiences to users in their own home.
  • Initial Brand Applications: A few early adopter brands are leveraging the Vision Pro for wellness experiences, bringing yoga and meditation into users’ living rooms. Many brands at the forefront are leading with retail applications that seamlessly connect with Apple Wallet for frictionless check-out and an innovative shopping experience.
  • Challenges and Considerations: While the potential is vast, considerations around user privacy, accessibility, and creating genuinely value-adding experiences remain paramount. We love that Apple consistently delivers on these commitments, but it’s up to app creators to go the distance in creating experiences that meet those standards.


Catch the playback:

How XR and AR Are Changing Content Consumption:

The Vision Pro’s spatial awareness allows for dynamic, adaptable experiences within users’ environments, pushing the boundaries of how in-person and at-home audiences interact with content. “It knows the depth of objects around you. That means [for example] it can put things on your shelves…you can actually create these immersive environments,” Mike Schaiman, CEO of Gen City Labs, emphasized.

Visual Spectacle and Storytelling: With the Vision Pro, the potential for visual storytelling is vast, opening new avenues for brands to craft narratives that resonate deeply with consumers. According to Eric Arvai: “Brands have an incredible opportunity to craft experiences that are not just seen but felt, creating a memorable impact that goes beyond traditional advertising methods.”

“There’s a real opportunity here for brands to have much more memorable and unique experiences when they’re engaging with their consumers.” — Eric Arvai, Head of Partnerships, Gen City Labs

Advice for Brands:

  • Embrace Innovation: Be open to experimenting with new technologies and platforms, like the Apple Vision Pro, to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.
  • Explore Spatial Computing: Acknowledge that it is truly a new channel to create experiences that are adaptable to each user’s environment, create participation, and engages the senses.
  • Prioritize User Experience: Consider the scalability of your experiences and the value of repeat engagement. How can you provide value to them in their home or professional environment? How can you take the tasks a person is already doing and make them more productive, enjoyable or novel?
  • Zero In on Product Features: Pay extra attention to the tech Apple has introduced that differentiates this headset from prior options. Consider integrate eye-tracking and organic hand gestures to develop interactive, attention-based storytelling.
  • Measure & Adapt: Continuously measure the impact of your tech-driven initiatives and be willing to adapt your strategies based on feedback and results.

The Apple Vision Pro is more than a device; it’s an evolution in how we experience technology and content. As brand marketers, it’s time to rethink our approach and embrace the immersive possibilities this technology offers.

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