Interactive Glove Prototype

Corey Struzan — Interactive Developer

Our Interactive Developer Corey Struzan is working on an interactive glove input device. Taking inspiration from a multitude of earlier glove-based peripherals he researched, he’s combined an Arduino and bend sensors with a comfortable glove to create a prototype glove input device for virtual interaction.


The concept of a virtual reality glove is not a new idea, but existing solutions have yet to fully realize the dream of completely intuitive interaction in a virtual space. Corey’s glove is a proof of concept for a design that aims to get closer to that ideal than the past attempts. The glove communicates wirelessly and is capable of sensing finger position. It is designed to track the position and orientation of the user’s hand to effectively enable reaching into a virtual world. Corey believes enabling users to feel like they can physically reach out and touch or manipulate virtual objects with high responsiveness and accuracy is a critical next step in the evolution of virtual reality.


Tactile feedback is another aspect of virtual reality that is key to simulating the real world. Corey has a unique approach to enable tactile feedback and control: the glove detects inexpensive props via a sensor in the palm of the hand which enables them to become a part of the virtual experience. The connection between the real-world prop and the one in Virtual Reality enables a form of augmented reality which can enhance even the simplest of props. This is where the innovation of Corey’s glove design shines.