Head of the Order

Recently as a side project I built a tech demo of a gestural combat game called Head of the Order. It ended up winning first place in Intel’s Perceptual Computing Challenge.

Head of the Order is a tournament style fighting game where users get to play as wizards and other magical beings while using hand gestures to cast spells at one another. It utilizes the upcoming Intel RealSense platform to give players a next generation interactive experience.

While I developed Head of the Order outside of my work at Helios, I’m happy to announce that Helios loves the concept and we are moving forward together with the production of a full commercial release of the game.
Helios and my own outside endeavor Unicorn Forest will be jointly forming a new indie game studio called Livid. Livid’s focus will be on direct to consumer video games, with the initial title being Head of the Order set to release later this year. We are all very excited to see where it goes from there.